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143072197“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” We all know about this old saying. This is all the more pertinent in today’s context as life is getting more and more hectic. Entertainment is naturally, one of those very few things that evoke a lot of enthusiasm among people. Therefore, there should be no prize in guessing that any service that is selling entertainment will be as popular as a hot cake. We at Vardhman know this the best and that’s why we are one of the biggest names in entertainment industry that we have successfully merged with the real estate service we offer to our valued customers.


A seamless marriage between work and leisure spaces specially tailored for modern professionals

At present, commercial real estate is and will most likely remain the activity hotbed as the economic graph of the country is seeing a somewhat upward trend. It is here where we are special because when others concentrate on creating office spaces, putting more emphasis on the commercial angle, we are specialized in creating innovative spaces that will encourage you to ‘do some work – as you play”. Bemused? Well, you have every right to be so. The hectic modern professional life robs the amusements and spectacles off from ones’ life and this results in devastating psychological and physical consequences.

That is why, we have designed innovative office spaces that provide ample opportunity to the professionals to play as they work so that to them, work remains nothing but fun! The green concept offices we design come up with leisure spaces, cafeteria and huge parking areas. These have become almost the signatures of our architectural supremacy and have already yielded better productivity and hence, better response from the business houses.

An IT Destination

The Technology component comprises 6, 50, 000 sq. ft in the core of the Park for IT/ ITES.
The Housing component comprises 1, 50, 000 sq. ft adjacent to the technology component and earmarked for the development of residential alternatives.
I-Valley is expected to be one of the IT Parks of its own kind Located in the heart of Greater Noida
I-Valley will catalyze the growth of the Burgeoning Sub-Urban City
The office space for a company at I-Valley would be spacious enough to meet the desire expectations
It would be having a cozy conference room for companies to take challenging business decisions.
I Valley’s is leased for 12 years with USA’s IT co. WE TECH INC. with 5 years locking period.

Payment Plan IT


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