Vardhman Vedic Suites

A New Concept in Modern Living

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There is a common desire amongst all human beings to attain success in the fields in which they seek it, but more than anything else we all seek peace, love and happiness. This was so in as old the times as Vedic times when the houses were small yet cozy and made of clay with thatched roofs; this is still so even today when a man is known by the length of his roof or how deep the foundation and how magnificent the elevation. Vardhmans, who are known for innovations in ideas and design, have beautifully amalgamated both the times with fabulous ingredients to give a new concept in modern living – the Vedic Suites.

A Home that makes your Living much more Interesting

For the young, vibrant success-seekers today, a home is a place of harmony where trusts are built and mind is at peace; so that, all that they have to concentrate on, is their goal and their love for a fine living. Vedic Suites is a place where their love is, where their commitment lies. With everything that suits their style, status and spirit just at the opening of the door, literally, it is a place where their dreams are fulfilled and aspirations met.
Ideally created to suit a wide array of needs and purposes, whether you are an independent individual, young couple, business or pleasure traveler or a company to lodge its executives, Vedic Suites has something in it that makes you want it as a part of your life.

  • LCD with DTH
  • DVD / VCD Player
  • Air Conditioner
  • EPBAX System
  • Designer Light Fitting
  • Study table with chair
  • Curtain and Curtain Rod
  • Wardrobe Fridge
  • Electric Iron with Stand – Book-Shelf cum Showcase
  • Towel rack in the Bathroom
  • Double Bed with mattresses & pillow
  • Bathroom Fitting ( Parco / Jaguar / Chilli )
  • Wooden Flooring
  • Marble Flooring
  • Vitrified Flooring

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