Vardhman Eta Residency

Lets Choose The Best

If the modern urban life has left you drained out and exhausted, leaving you vying for a place that will provide you some respite, what better place you can get than our Eta Residency that let you taste the aroma of nature to the fullest as you relax!

Why Eta Residency?

Truly, when other real estate companies are competing with each other in bringing up concrete boxes, we at Vardhman dared to think in a bit different way, that has redefined luxury and has created a unique lifestyle that everyone can only dream of!
We are frankly speaking, unique in thoughts and have incorporated ideas that have really raised the bar of hospitality and real estate industry to an altogether new height.
Developed against a perfect backdrop of a typical rural ambience that is very tranquil, Vardhman Eta Residency are designed to provide the residents a wide range of options. Each of our Eta Residency provides spectacular views of nature and a perfect amalgamation of contemporary yet very much rural designs with the contemporary comforts of the modern urban world. The Eta Residency are furnished with modern elevation and spectacularly conceptualized features that anyone can aspire to!

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