Vardhman is one of the fastest growing professional company with Diverse Business Portfolio in the Real Estate Industry. We have earned the reputation for creating the Highest Quality, Architecturally Significant Urban Environments with an unmatched attention to detail.Each and every company, irrespective of the niche of business it is involved in, claims to be the best in the industry. Things are same in real estate development industry in India today. With real estate seeing a huge boom over the last decade or so, a number of companies are coming up into fame. However, the one that stands out tallest amongst them is – Vardhman. There are ample reasons for that though!
Where do we stand?
Vardhman today happens to be one of the best and the most prominent real estate development companies that have seen a meteoric rise to fame. However, we have not tasted success overnight. We have a sound experience of 30 years under our belt, and that has helped us immensely in executing some eye-popping projects that have seen the emergence of dazzling IT parks, landmark buildings, commercial and residential complexes and the likes. All these have changed the skyline of the cities to a large extent and we pride in stating that we have significant contribution to that!
Why are we so special? 
Over the last few years, Vardhman has really made a mark in the world of real estate by coming up with some iconic projects as well as engineering marvels. The USP of our service has been the foundation of the values that we impart into our work – the value of quality, excellence, customer satisfaction and our way of redefining the lifestyle of the people of this country.
The motto and dictum of our endeavours have always been
  • A seamless marriage of dedication and trust
  • An effective amalgamation of quality with honesty
  • Result-orientation
Frankly speaking, our success story since the very inception of the company bears optimal testimony to our customer-centricity.
The essence of our service:
The catch of our service is that we serve people irrespective of the strength of their prepositions. This has over the years helped us significantly to reach out to a larger spectrum of clients and satisfy them with their needs and requirements. Our consultants put themselves into the shoes of the customers, thereby feeling their pulse and empathising with them and this is what helps us to come out with the best results that at times even surpass the expectations of our esteemed clients.
Here are some of the landmark projects that have underlined our success story:
  • Vardhman Airport Plaza I in Dwarka
  • Vardhman Prime Plaza in Shalimar Bagh
  • Vardhman Airport Plaza II in Dwarka
  • Vardhman Center in Shalimar Bagh
  • Vardhman Plaza II in Ashok Vihar
  • Vardhman North-EX Plaza in Netaji Subhsh Place
  • Vardhman Prime Plaza in Shalimar Bagh
  • Vrdhman Plaza I in Ashok Vihar
  • Vardhman Shopping Corner I in Pitam Pura
  • Vardhman Shopping Corner II in Pitam Pura